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Eric, along with his family, came to Australia in 1974 from Sri Lanka. At that time they escaped a country in civil war and turmoil that continued until 2009.

Australia back then was described as a lucky country and it was in these times, with the opportunities provided by this country, that the Koelmeyer family prospered greatly.

With a background versed in taxation and finance, Eric has seen that what was once a lucky country, for many Australians is no longer.  The sense of fairness for all is now the sanctum of fairness for some. House costs are rising, taxation is increasing, inflation is rampant, businesses are tangling with needlessly costly, overcomplicated legislation.

In short, there is a complete lack of direction as a nation and it would seem both major parties—regardless of Labor or Liberal—simply do not care unless it suits their own political narrative and ideology, or benefits their friends at the top.

Eric sees the need for regular Australians’ voices to matter once more. This is why he chose to stand for office: to help to restore faith in our politics and to bring about innovation and a more meaningful set of policies that will restore this once proud nation.

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